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A pool is usually the biggest investment people make in their homes. A well designed & maintained pool or spa can add value to your property. It quickly becomes the perfect place for exercise, recreation, and relaxation. And just like any other investment you make in your home, it is also good practice to take care of it by keeping it clean and well maintained. The best way to keep a clean and swim-ready pool is through regular pool maintenance service. For the people in the Tarrant County area, you can trust Sink or Swim Pool Service to provide you with high-quality and hassle-free pool maintenance service at a reasonable cost.

Let the experts at Sink or Swim take care of your swimming pool. Whether you need a little help or an ongoing service plan, we offer a variety of customized pool cleaning and maintenance plans to fit your needs. With more skilled pool techs than most other pool companies, it’s no wonder more pool owners choose us. Get a quote today!

Pool Cleaning Services From Sink Or Swim

  • Weekly Service Plans
  • One Time Services

Pool Cleaning Service Plans

At Sink or Swim, we know the importance of keeping your pool spotless and beautiful. To go a step further, we also clean up what you can’t see. A clear pool does not necessarily mean it is a clean pool. We carefully check to make sure the correct pool chemistry is maintained to prevent any potential health hazards that can adversely affect swimmers. Listed below are the primary service plans we offer. However, please keep in mind we can adjust any program to meet your specific pool requirements.

Chemicals Only

Maintain & Adjust
All Water Chemistry
All Premium Chemicals
no gas chlorine

Our Most Popular Plan

Full Service

We Perform A Full
Pool Service Weekly
All Premium Chemicals
no gas chlorine

Pool Cleaning Services

DFW Pool owners have many choices when it comes to pool service options. Most homeowners, short on time, benefit from weekly service agreements which allow you to receive regular weekly cleaning services. However, if you are DIY oriented and you want to handle ongoing maintenance yourself, you can trust Sink or Swim for any one-time cleaning services to help you bring your pool or spa back into peak condition. Doing this prepares your pool and gets it in optimal shape, so you can take over the maintenance yourself in the future.

One-Time Pool Cleaning

Sometimes a client may prefer a one-time cleanup to help bring their swimming pool back into peak condition. Usually this can be done in a few hours, but may require multiple visits. If multiple visits are required, we will attempt to get them all completed within the same week. Please note that “Green” or “Neglected” pools may need to be completely drained. Call today for a free quote.

Normal One-Time Cleaning Includes:

Adjust Water Chemistry

Skim Pool

Vacuum Pool

Brush Tiles

Empty Skimmers

Empty Pump Basket

Backwash Filter

Adjust Water

Equipment Check

Arlington Pool Cleaning Service
Pool Service in Arlington Texas

Pool Filter Cleaning

You can reduce your maintenance costs and save on wear and tear by scheduling a pool filter cleaning from Sink or Swim. Usually, pool filters should be cleaned at least twice each year. However, you may need more frequent service depending on how many swimmers use the pool, if the pool is heated, if dogs swim in it or if the filter is undersized.

Sink or Swim installs replacement cartridges or grids for most pool and filter models. We also install entire filter systems from many major brands. The cost per filter cleaning will vary depending on many factors, so we recommend scheduling a quote to receive your customized pricing.

Pool Drain & Clean

Sink or Swim Pool Service recommends North Texas Pools be drained and cleaned every 3-5 years. Exactly how often will depend on your maintenance history, how heavily the pool is used, and what kind of environment the pool is in. Over time, all pools can build up an excessive amount of minerals and chemical residue that prevent it from being properly balanced. Once drained, we offer a safe pressure wash that can remove most stains and will have the surface of your pool looking like new again. Call now to let us evaluate your pool and offer a free quote!

Pool Service in Arlington Texas
Pool Service in Arlington Texas

Acid Wash

Acid washing a swimming pool is an affordable and effective way to quickly improve the appearance of any pool. This is done by draining your pool, then carefully applying an acid/water mixture over the pool surface and scour the area. The acid mixture removes a very slight coating off the swimming pool surface, getting rid of superficial or shallow discoloration. It is a fantastic way to make your in-ground pool look fresh and clean again.

If you can no longer see the bottom of your pool or you have stains that you can not scrub away with normal brushing, it may be time for an acid wash. Call Sink or Swim today.

Professional Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, Renovation & Repairs

Pool Service in Arlington Texas

Arlington Area Pool Service

Sink or Swim Pool Service of Arlington is a locally owned and operated business. We understand the common problems that Tarrant county area pool owners face. We’re also proud to offer the best service in the Metroplex. We use simple,  straightforward pricing, and send weekly updates about your pool’s maintenance. It’s simple: we’re ready to make your pool hassle-free and fun again!

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