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Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Trust Sink or Swim For Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Sink or Swim pool service excels in providing professional leak detection and repair services for swimming pool owners throughout Arlington, Fort Worth and the Mid-cities. If you suspect your pool has a leak, call us  and allow us to tackle the issue so you and your family can quickly return to enjoying your pool right away. With over 20 years in swimming pool service and repair, our professional team know pools & spas inside and out. are We know all the common issues, all the potential weak spots and how and why most leaks occur so we’ll get your pool fixed quickly. There are some early indications that you may have an issue including:

It is not uncommon to find out that your pool has more than one leak. Since they usually start slowly, you may not notice them at first. Later on, you suddenly develop a more major leak that requires a fast response. For this reason we use a variety of specialty leak detection tools to help us track down all leaks.

Is It A Pool Leak Or Evaporation?

It is normal for every swimming pool to lose some water to evaporation. In the heat of a Texas summer, your pool may lose from 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water per day. Even in winter, your pool can still lose water. The primary factors that effect water evaporation rates are:

If you have noticed changes in water consumption that seems like more than evaporation, start by reviewing your water bill. Then, if you still think a leak may be involved, you can perform a “bucket test”. We will outline the steps of that test below if you want to conduct this yourself. When you suspect a leak, don’t panic! Sink or Swim can repair many leaks quickly and cost-effectively.

Pool Leak Detection & Testing Procedures

Pool leaks can happen to anyone. And, the damage usually becomes worse over time. From failing equipment to normal wear and tear, Sink or Swim has a trained team of professional pool techs ready to help. But, even before you call a technician, you can perform a simple “bucket test” yourself to check for water loss from  your pool. The bucket test, which we have outlined below, is a quick and easy way to see if your pool is losing water due to a leak rather than natural evaporation. If, after performing a test, it appears that your pool or spa is in fact leaking, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our technicians can then perform specialized testing to ensure we find all pool leaks and present you with your best option to get them repaired.

  • The Bucket Test (Homeowners)
  • Specialized Testing
  • Pool Leak FAQs

The Bucket Test

As we outlined earlier, natural water loss from your pool are dependent on a variety of environmental and pool related conditions. Before becoming too concerned about a leak you can do a simple test to determine if water loss in your swimming pool is due to a leak or is just evaporation. This simple test is called the bucket test. Basically, the bucket test exposes water in a bucket to the same conditions as those affecting your swimming pool. By comparing the water loss in each, it is possible to determine if the pool is leaking or if supposed leaks are just the result of water being lost to evaporation.

Performing A Bucket Test

We recommend that no animals or people enter the pool  while conducting the test to avoid water splashing out.

Although these tests are not 100% accurate because of varying environmental conditions during the tests, the information they provide can at least establish suspect locations to begin your leak search. Giving this information to your Sink or Swim pool tech will help them more efficiently solve your pool leak problem. Please contact us for questions or scheduling service.

If you are ready to get more information or schedule a leak test from Sink or Swim Pool Service, just click the link.

Comprehensive Pool Leak Testing

Professional leak detection service from Sink or Swim Pool Service is the first step in finding and fixing your swimming pool leak. Our experienced team of technicians will perform an extensive and thorough inspection of your entire pool and spa system. Our modern techniques will pinpoint even the smallest leak in your pools structure and/or plumbing system. Upon completion you will receive our a thorough analysis outlining the status of your pool and spa including any issues we may find. With this information, you will have all the information needed to decide your next steps, including our suggested options. We always try to offer multiple options for our customers and find a solution that will fit your particular situation. Keep in mind your pool will lose water due to evaporation and normal use. 

We Get To The Bottom Of Your Leak

We find the leaks that others can’t because we’ve got cutting edge equipment, unrivalled experience and a tried and tested assessment protocol. Our leak testing regime includes:

Electronic Leak Detection

Sink or Swim utilizes state-of-the-art leak detection technology. Our advanced leak listening equipment allow us to find pipe leaks deep underground and even under cement slabs. We are able to pinpoint these leaks so accurately that they can be repaired with minimal damage to your deck, patio, or lawn. We may also employ other electronic equipment including waterproof cameras capable of entering pipes, light conduits, and other hard to see places. 

Under Water Inspection

Sink or Swim techs aren’t afraid to get wet. Our team will suit up and head under water. Our highly trained team will preform a full visual inspection and dye test suspected areas of leakage. Our thorough process means we wont miss a leak in the back of a light or bottom of a drain. By combining our high-tech equipment with our “hands-on” dye testing & visual inspections, there is no leak we can’t find.

Pressure Testing

When a pipes are suspected of leaking, pressure testing is the only way to know for certain. If the pipe passes the pressure test we know for sure it is leak free. If the pipe fails the pressure test we know without a doubt there is an issue. Our team is ready to tackle even the most complex pool plumbing systems. This can also be very useful test when buying a home with a pool or starting a remodel to make sure there are no hidden issues.

Leak detection testing for swimming pools is a necessary service for any Texas pool owner. A leak can emerge in any section of your pool. When it does, you need someone who can accurately find them and fix them anywhere near your pool. 

If you are ready to get more information or schedule a leak test from Sink or Swim Pool Service, just click the link.

Pool Leak FAQs

It’s true that pools come in all shapes & sizes. However, there are some common questions we are asked when testing swimming pools. Here are a few of the most common questions that seem to be on homeowners minds. 

What Causes Pool Leaks?

There are a number of different reasons for why your pool has started to leak. A few reasons could be:

  • Pool surfaces can deteriorate with age and cause pool leaks
  • Leaking pool pipes ca used by ground movement
  • Faulty pool pump or pool equipment that has worn out
  • Ground expansion from rainy or dry weather can cause ground movement causing pool pipes and pool structures to move, crack and leak

How Do You Find The Pool Leak?

By utilizing specialized state-of-the-art equipment and a thorough inspection as outlined in the Comprehensive Testing tab.

Can You Fix Leaks Underwater?

We can find leaks under water; but fixing them will probably require at least part of the water to be drained. The first step is always to accurately diagnose the leak; then we can discuss your best solutions.


Should My Pool Be Full & Clean?

For Sink or Swim to carry out our tests accordingly we ask that the pool be clean and full. Visibility is also a must if we have to perform an underwater structural test.

Do I Have To Be Home?

No. As long as we have access to the pool and pool filtration area nobody needs to be home. We will call you before we leave the job with the outcome of our findings.

What Type Of Pools Do You Service?

We find pool leaks in concrete, tiled, and fiberglass pools.

What Are Your Service Areas?

We primarily service Arlington, Fort Worth and the general Tarrant County areas. We can perform service outside this area but additional costs may apply.

If you are ready to get more information or schedule a leak test from Sink or Swim Pool Service, just click the link.

Making Pool Leak Detection & Repairs Stress-Free & Easy

The professionals with Sink or Swim Pool Service have all the skills and equipment to locate your leak and get it fixed quickly. In many cases, the leaks can be repaired during the same service call. This means you’ll be leak-free and stress-free in no time.

Our Customers Say Pool Service Has Never Been Easier!

John S
John S
Google Review
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SinkorSwim folks do an excellent job. They are very responsive and professional. We have uses their services for many years and recommend them very highly.
Richard B
Richard BGoogle Review
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I've used them for our pool services for years now. Jacob is always very professional and responsive with my concerns, and his team does a great job with keeping our pool looking good.
Gaby R
Gaby RGoogle Review
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Great pool service and great people. Dillon and Noe are good at the service they offer. Highly recommend.
Tamela S
Tamela SGoogle Review
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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Sink or Swim pool cleaning has been wonderful! They keep our chemicals balanced & leave our pool sparkling clean & ready for us to enjoy every week!! They have always communicated with us about any repairs needing to be done and are reliable & professional! I Highly recommend them!! Services: Vacuuming, Swimming pool summerization, Tile brushing, Pump repairs & installation
Traci B
Traci BGoogle Review
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Sink or swim has taken care of my pool for over ten years. They have always been responsive and knowledgeable. I text them with questions or a problem snd always get back a response. My pool is well taken care of and they are a great company. Services: Wall brushing, Vacuuming, Filter cleaning, Water treatment, Pump repairs & installation
Steve P
Steve PGoogle Review
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I have been a customer of Sink or Swim for several years and they do an excellent job with my pool.

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Sink or Swim Pool Service of Arlington is a locally owned and operated business. We understand the common problems that Tarrant County area pool owners face. Our team is proud to offer the best service in the Metroplex. We use straightforward pricing, and send weekly updates about your pool’s maintenance. It’s simple: we’re ready to make your pool hassle-free and fun again!

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