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When you trust the team from Sink or Swim Pool Service, you’re gaining the reliability of a team of pros backed by many decades of pool service & repair experience. We are a family-owned business and have been in the pool industry for over 20 years. Our first-time customers become our long-term customers, over and over again, because of our expert staff and consistent service. This means our customers can depend on us for all their pool needs. Thanks to our customers, our business has steadily grown throughout the years, thanks to the referrals of our customers.

We remain committed to providing you with the highest levels of pool service available. To do this, we’ve made it our mission to continually educate our staff, route professionals, and pool technicians on the latest pool service technologies. All of our team members work hard to make our customers’ lives easier by taking all maintenance needs and repairs, out of the equation. We know the key to a business’ success is a satisfied customer. You are our business! After using us, you will trust us to take care of all your pool and spa needs.

We believe owning a pool should be enjoyable! However, keeping a pool in excellent condition is always a lot of work. When you choose our team, we’ll make owning your pool hassle-free through reliable service. We’re highly trained and have the experience to handle any job. Whether you need to make a green pool sparkling clear again or want renovations and repairs done by experts, we’re ready to help. Our Sink or Swim pool repair, installation, and maintenance pros are ready to make sure owning a pool is simple and fun for you!

Meet The Team

Get to know the people behind the company. The one thing they all have in person is that they keep striving to offer the best service in the business. They are always looking for better more efficient ways to meet and exceed our customers needs.

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Brett Wells - Owner

Brett began working in the pool industry in 1994 with a nation-wide, swimming pool, retail and repair company. Prior to starting Sink or Swim, Brett was a successful Store Manager and District Manager, overseeing 200+ employees. When Brett started Sink or Swim Pool Service in 2011, he had a vision to establish a swimming pool service and repair company with the highest standards. Brett oversees all financial operations, employees, and most of all Customer Service!

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Jacob Treadway - Owner

Jacob started in the pool industry in 1998 with a nation-wide, swimming pool, retail and repair company. Having been successful as a Store Manager, Pool Technician, and District Manager, overseeing 200+ employees, Jacob joined Sink or Swim Pool Service in 2014 as Brett's partner. Today, Jacob oversees operations including pool cleaning routes, installations and repairs, inventory, and most of all Customer Service!

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Zac Treadway - Manager

For Sink or Swim, Zac manages all service and repair performed by our pool techs. Zac works directly with product management vendors and finds the right equipment to best fit our Customer's needs, and budget. Making sure our Customers are 100% satisfied with all repairs and installations by Sink or Swim Pool Service, is what Zac does best.

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Eloy Cavazos - Manager

Eloy specializes in day-to-day operations and takes care of our team of technicians performing weekly cleanings and maintenance. Making sure our Customers are serviced by professional, knowledgeable staff in a timely manner, is Eloy's number one goal. Leaving our Customers to enjoy their back-yards, and not having to worry about swimming pool maintenance, is what Eloy is all about.

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Nick Treadway - Route Specialist

Nick keeps us organized and ready to serve. He performs in-house repairs such as seal and gasket replacement or repairs to automatic swimming pool cleaners. When problems arise with our Customer's equipment Nick jumps in to quickly resolve the issue to protect swimming pool operations and appearance. Nick does what it takes to keep our Customers satisfied!

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Benjamin Treadway - Route Specialist

Benjamin has grown up in the family pool business. And in reality, he has been learning about pools and pool service since he was old enough to walk. When in the field, Ben prides himself on listening to his customers, and always asking if they have any questions about other pool issues. Benjamin's attention to detail and concern for customer education is evident in his field performance.

Sink or Swim Pool Service Team

Ryland Wells - Route Specialist

Ryland is one of the newest team members to join Sink or Swim Pool Service. As a Route Specialist, his dedication and eagerness to learn has made him a valuable team member quickly. You may see him at your home providing weekly pool service or performing other tasks like helping to open or close your pool each season. 

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Our Service Area

Sink or Swim Pool Service is based in Arlington, Texas. We provide services including Leak Detection, Equipment Repair and Pool Renovation throughout the greater DFW Metroplex. Our ongoing, scheduled pool cleaning services are limited to Arlington and the surrounding areas.

Swimming Pool Repair Arlington Texas

Sink of Swim Pool Service

Business Office & Showroom
2300-A Michigan Ct. Arlington, TX 76016
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm

Frequently Asked Questions...

There are a few questions that are often asked about pool service. So, we have listed a few of those here. If you have any questions we can answer directly, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Sink of Swim Pool Service

Business Office & Showroom
2300-A Michigan Ct. Arlington, TX 76016
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am – 5 pm

Why is my pool green?

Three things keep a swimming pool in working order.

Proper Chemistry: see also "What should I be testing my water for?"
Proper Filtration: Your pressure gauge on your filter will tell you all you need to know. Every pool has a "normal operating pressure" usually between 10-20 psi. You should note your pool's pressure. This can be done after a bi-annual cleaning of D.E. (diatomaceous earth), or cartridge filters, when the pressure is at the lowest. This is when your filter is completely taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. If you have a sand filter then it would be after a backwash. Also refer to "When should I backwash?"
Proper Circulation: A normal swimming pool circulation pump should run at least 6-8-hours per day in the winter months and 10-12 hours per day in the summer months (every pool is slightly different). If you are working with a green pool, up the run times until pool is clear.

Check your filter pressure gauge for low readings (below normal operating pressure). Low pressure would be a sign of one or all of the following.
Low water level:. The water level should be half-way up the skimmer opening to prevent air from being introduced into the system causing a loss of water flow.
Clean skimmers and pump baskets:. This prevents loss of flow and possible clogged lines or clogged impeller at the circulation pump.
Suction leak. This is when your pump is pulling in enough air to cause a loss of water flow. It can originate at your pump or pump seals, plumbing, or valves prior to the pump. If this seems to be the case, consult a pool professional.

How Long Should My Pool Equipment Run?

Usually, we recommend that your filter system run 6 to 8 hours per day. When the Texas summer hits and water temperatures start to climb above 80° run the system 8 to 12 hours per day.


Should I Brush My Pool?

You probably already have an automatic pool cleaner. However, most don’t provide scrubbing. Brushing your pool really does help remove algae or any other small particles from the pool’s surface. Pay special attention to spots where water circulation is a problem (behind ladders, steps and corners). Consider brushing the walls, benches, and all other pool surfaces once a week.

Do I Drain My Pool Each Year?

Under most conditions, you should not drain your pool, especially during the winter. The water in the pool during the winter helps protect the bottom of the pool from cracking during freezing temperatures. You should consider a pool cover during the off-season to protect the pool from debris and cold temperatures.

What should I be testing for?

There are 6 main tests that are all equally important listed below with recommended ranges. If you are fighting an algae issue you will need to increase the chorine level by adding a high dose of powder chlorine (shock) after making sure all other tests are within proper ranges. You may also need an algaecide for some types of algae. Consult a pool professional for help.

  • Free Chlorine: 3-5ppm
  • Total Chlorine: should be the same reading as Free Chlorine or you will need to add proper amount of shock.
  • pH: 7.2-7.8
  • Alkalinity: 80-120ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid: 30-50ppm (salt systems 80-120ppm) This is also known as Conditioner or Stabalizer
  • Calcium Hardness: 200-400ppm

For salt system test for salt to keep the correct ppm (parts per million) per the manufacturer. If all levels of salt are correct and the system is still offline consult a pool professional.

How Often Should The Skimmer & Basket Be Cleaned?

You know that a clogged skimmer basket restricts water flow in your pool. When water is restricted, it can’t circulate properly and that could cause problems later on. The same thing goes for your pump basket. The pump can overheat If water is restricted. Get in the habit of cleaning skimmer baskets daily and inspect for cracks or damage.

How Often Do I Need To Backwash My Filter?

If you have the most common style, a D.E. filter, we recommended the filter be backwashed when the pressure reaches 10PSI above starting pressure or once a month.


Do I Need Chlorine In My Saltwater Pool?

There may be rare occasions where you need to “shock” the pool with additional chlorine. However, your saltwater pool actually converts ordinary salt into chlorine automatically. This is why saltwater pools are a great option for those who are sensitive to chlorine. Chlorine generated pools, or “saltwater pools” have softer water and can be gentler on eyes, skin and hair.

Our Customers Say Pool Service Has Never Been Easier!

John S
John S
Google Review
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SinkorSwim folks do an excellent job. They are very responsive and professional. We have uses their services for many years and recommend them very highly.
Richard B
Richard BGoogle Review
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I've used them for our pool services for years now. Jacob is always very professional and responsive with my concerns, and his team does a great job with keeping our pool looking good.
Gaby R
Gaby RGoogle Review
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Great pool service and great people. Dillon and Noe are good at the service they offer. Highly recommend.
Tamela S
Tamela SGoogle Review
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Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Sink or Swim pool cleaning has been wonderful! They keep our chemicals balanced & leave our pool sparkling clean & ready for us to enjoy every week!! They have always communicated with us about any repairs needing to be done and are reliable & professional! I Highly recommend them!! Services: Vacuuming, Swimming pool summerization, Tile brushing, Pump repairs & installation
Traci B
Traci BGoogle Review
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Sink or swim has taken care of my pool for over ten years. They have always been responsive and knowledgeable. I text them with questions or a problem snd always get back a response. My pool is well taken care of and they are a great company. Services: Wall brushing, Vacuuming, Filter cleaning, Water treatment, Pump repairs & installation
Steve P
Steve PGoogle Review
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I have been a customer of Sink or Swim for several years and they do an excellent job with my pool.

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